Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My condolences

As some of you may already know our program director Kendra Kopelke has had a death in her family. I don't presume know about her loss or even what to say to help her in this time of mourning. I just wanted to let every know, and to join me in offering her our condolences. I don't know what to say about grief. In my family we have wakes. We get together with warm food and heavy hearts and talk about the person who has left us. We share stories about them with the younger generation. In hopes that those stories in some part help to carry on the memory of our love one's. We remember things they did that made us laugh, that made us cry, and that made us proud. Sometimes we are angry that they left, we yell and curse, then cry and wonder if they miss us as much as we miss them. In the end we come together in a strange celebration of their life. We raise a pint glass to their memory, and grieve together. But that's just me. How do you grieve?


  1. Yes, we're thinking of you, Kendra!

    Thanks for posting this, Kevin. It's nice. :-)

  2. Yes, i am agree with your words and i am thinking about you dear...
    Thanks for posting this, Its really Nice...