Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bennett's Curse

We had a great time at Bennett's Curse last night—mostly the conversation before and after, though, because the haunted house was kind of lame in terms of scariness. But there were some cool setups/props.

After the haunted house, we went to DuClaw's (brewery/bar) to talk for a while, drink a little, and eat. It was a good time.

I tried to take a candid picture with my iPhone, but someone noticed, so everyone started moving around, I guess trying to pose. The result is kind of funny, so I kept it. In the spirit of Bennett's Curse and Halloween, Danielle looks like a ghost. ;-) And Lori...I don't know what Lori is doing. Kari is confused, Mike doesn't notice, and Wendy just smiles. I wonder what I would have been doing if I had been in the picture. Hmm...


  1. So much fun! We should make this an annual event.

  2. Except maybe we should do a cheaper one, since we know Bennett's Curse isn't worth the $20. There's a $3 one somewhere! LOL.